New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Ability to search/filter by client-defined service label
  • [Admin] Added: Bulk service actions available from Service Groups tab
  • [Admin] Added: Option to change client-defined service label
  • [DCIManager6] Added: Option to provide url to BMC/IPMI console ina app settings
  • [Hexonet] Added: Support for two-factor authentication
  • [Proxmox] Added: Option to automatically setup backup/snapshot schedule for new VMs
  • [Proxmox] Added: Option to set backup and snapshot limit per VM or account.
  • [Tickets] Added: Ability to set ticket deadline in ticket details

Bugs Fixed

  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: Client/staff names are overlapped in ticket details in mobile view
  • [API] Fixed: The "editProduct" method resets Automation settings
  • [CloudStack] Fixed: Data disks are not counted towards tier storage usage.
  • [CloudStack] Fixed: Invalid parameters issystem and limitcpuuse when creating new disk.
  • [CloudStack] Fixed: Tier storage limit is not applied when adding data disks.
  • [Domains] Fixed: Generating renewal invoice for expired domain from admin UI fails with error reported
  • [IPAM] Fixed: IP unassignment removes admin description
  • [OpenProvider Licenses] Fixed: Product configuration does not work in PHP 8.1
  • [Upgrades] Fixed: API and custom automation task upgrades do not include client group discounts.

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