New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Ability for optional product search
  • [] Added: Ability to display Cert and CA Bundle in clientarea
  • [Google_Currency] Added: Ability to select source of currency conversion from two free currency conversion servers
  • [Invoices] Added: An option that specifies whether to add a prefix to the PDF file name
  • [OnApp] Added: Option to override console URL in app settings.
  • [Priority Support] Changed: Support reports are displayed from newest to oldest
  • [Resello Microsoft CSP] Added: Possibility to upgrade components

Bugs Fixed

  • [Acronis] Fixed: Unable to select "Office 365 Mailboxes" and "Office 365 OneDrive" options in product configuration
  • [Admin] Fixed: Editing client checkboxes does not store them properly
  • [Automation] Fixed: Notifications do not include data from assigned product type.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Error when new client tries to order full cycle product with period longer than 1 month.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Error when trying to load unsupported gateway
  • [Cart] Fixed: Logging out as client does not re-enable currency selector for current session
  • [Cart] Fixed: Tiered resource scheme calculates wrong if initial tier starts from non-zero value
  • [GoDaddy] Fixed: Could not properly register domains for some TLDs
  • [Import] Fixed: Import Services does not set the correct price for values from forms
  • [Import] Fixed: Import Services does not set values for forms
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Provisioning fails if IPv6 limit is not set.
  • [Seafile] Fixed: Import Services does not import values for forms

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