New Features

  • [Billing] Changed: Service with auto-renew disabled will not have its credit card payment auto-captured
  • [CloudSignup v2] Added: Added ability to log in by SSO modules for staff members
  • [cPanel] Added: UAPI support as admin
  • [Google Analytics] Added: More flexible plugin configuration options for gtag module
  • [MaxMind minFraud] Added: New Maxmind2 module to use current minFraud API
  • [Multibrand] Added: "Affiliate Landing page redirect" option
  • [Password Manager] Changed: Passwords will now be ordered from newest to oldest by default
  • [Plesk] Added: DNS Tool: Default TTL option in module configuration
  • [SagePay/Opayo] Added: From now it is possible to make a refund in SCA module

Bugs Fixed

  • [Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud] Fixed: During Terminate, the user is not removed
  • [Automation] Fixed: Automatic Unsuspension is performed after the last invoice has been paid, even if the service has other unpaid invoices
  • [Cart] Fixed: Sometimes cart prices are not displayed correctly
  • [Cart] Fixed: The price for domains is doubled
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: GDPR profile download always escapes UTF characters
  • [Domains] Fixed: Domains that fails to synchronise are not polled too frequent enough for transferred out detection
  • [Inventory Manager] Fixed: Module fails to install db on some deployments
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: Affiliate URL in adminarea displays incorrect URL if the client does not belong to the main brand
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: The module does not correctly change the currency for the order draft
  • [Notifications] Fixed: SMTP password gets overwritten with encoded version if multibrand is enabled.
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: The additional renenew task for a domain sometimes returns error 342
  • [Order] Fixed: Upgrade charge when created from admin area are off by one day in some cases
  • [Order] Fixed: Upgrades for post pay servces created from admin area do not update order total
  • [SMSEagle Notifications] Fixed: Notifications do not work if supported prefixes are no set.
  • [] Fixed: Intents 3D secure module multiplies JPY transactions by 100
  • [Transbank] Fixed: client is redirected incorrectly after payment
  • [Virtualizor] Fixed: NoVNC console does not work if websocket is limited to master server only
  • [] Fixed: Rebuild returns an error
  • [] Fixed: Root password is not updated during Rebuild
  • [] Fixed: The application is created instead of the operating system

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