New Features

  • [Auotupgrade] Fixed: Pre-updaate checks hangs autoupdate process.
  • [Admin] Added: Warning about outdated ioncube loaders
  • [Admin] Changed: Client groups display as 2-letter prefix on listings now
  • [Scalemod] Added: Region option in app settings (Paris/Amsterdam)
  • [Scalemod] Added: Server type option in product for types available in Scalway

Bugs Fixed

  • [Autoupgrade] Fixed: Error downloading module ... issue.
  • [API] Fixed: Calling editOrderDraftItem for domain entry will remove domain hostname
  • [HostBill SEO] Fixed: Editor does not show up in order page configuration
  • [Order] Fixed: Client credit is automatically applied to invoices from orders marked as fraud.
  • [Scalemod] Fixed: OS templates show multiple options with the same name
  • [Scalemod] Fixed: Termination silently failing to remove servers/volumes

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