New Features

  • [Invoices] Added option to add items from client queue to draft invoice
  • [Knowledgebase] Added: Its now possible to define Admin-only categories
  • [OnAppCDN] Additional output for metered usage
  • [PDU_SNMP] Added: Ability to use metered billing to charge for power consumption [kWh]
  • [vCloud] Added support for automatic resource upgrades.
  • [vCloud] Error handling updated to show failure reason / error description.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Autoupgrade] Fixed: OnApp v4 module keep getting overwritten during upgrade to new version with v2.
  • [EnomSSL] Renewal doesn’t work if certificate is in expired state
  • [EnomSSL] Renewal orders will now automatically submit certificate using previous configuration
  • [Forms] Fixed: Its sometimes possible for customer to select more than one value of non-multiselect field
  • [Onapp v4] PHP error when creating new orders
  • [PDU_SNMP] Disabling client features also disables those in admin-area
  • [vCloud] Account actions stop working if client changes his name/company name.
  • [vCloud] Account creation fails due to invalid password.
  • [vCloud] Account creation fails if organization name is taken.
  • [vCloud] Termination show empty page if vdc was removed previously

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