New Integrations

  • [hCaptcha] Added: hCaptcha image verification module
  • [] Added: sms notification module
  • [Seafile] Added: Seafile provisioning module

New Features

  • [2019 Theme] Changed: Services menu was closed if the "Keep menu open" option was enabled in the theme configuration in the menu editor
  • [API] Added: A method that lists the available languages
  • [API] Added: Ability to translate language variables returned by the API
  • [Billing] Added: Additional option when generating service invoices manually
  • [Contracts] Added: Ability to manage contracts, auto-generation upon order, selecing existing contracts, contract-related merge options
  • [DirectAdmin] Added: Logs from actions performed in client functions
  • [Hexonet] Added: Module auto-create dns zone if its not present during DNS update
  • [Support] Added: Option to adjust how often admin UI should poll for new tickets

Bugs Fixed

  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: CCprocessing page shows miss-leading form to change client billing information
  • [Admin] Fixed: Emails for the main client are sent several times if "All active contacts" is selected in the "Include contacts" field
  • [Admin] Fixed: Missing full country name in client profile
  • [Admin] Fixed: Prorata month setting is not showing avaialble months
  • [Cart] Fixed: Cart configuration does not work with some templates
  • [Cart] Fixed: Order handler set to Generate draft does not work/shows prices
  • [CloudStack] Fixed: Admin area does not show updated IPs
  • [CloudStack] Fixed: Provisioning fails to copy security group rules.
  • [CloudStack] Fixed: Provisioning fails with error about primary storage limit.
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: DNS Tool: The module does not assign the DNS zone correctly to the client when the zone was added during account creation
  • [DNS] Fixed: HostBill auto-adds customer zones to non-active DNS service
  • [General] Fixed: Client area service filters slows down overall application performance over time
  • [General] Fixed: Saving product changes slows down overall application performance over time
  • [GoDaddy] Fixed: Sometimes the domain status is set incorrectly after domain registration
  • [Hexonet] Fixed: Domain import lists just one domain
  • [LiveChat] Fixed: Chat History tab appears even when chat module is disabled
  • [LiveChat] Fixed: Live chat adds tracking code even when its disabled
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Services show errors for some time after upgrade/downgrade.
  • [OpenProvider SSL] Fixed: Could not properly create contacts for some countries
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: For some TLDs, the expire date is not increased after a domain transfer
  • [PeachPayments] Fixed: Module uses PA instead of DB for recurring captures
  • [Pterodactyl] Fixed: present details: The environment field must be present.
  • [Support] Fixed: Ticket import is slow if time limit is enabled
  • [UserApi] Fixed: Domain lookup has additional dot in domain name
  • [vTiger CRM] Fixed: Cannot export account when client type is private

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