New Features

  • [Forms] Added: It is now possible to define an "unique" text input field, where customer cannot use value used by others before (ie. username)
  • [Forms] Added: It is now possible to setup regex for text input field validation

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Client group discounts do not work with order draft
  • [Billing] Saving metered usage is slow on large databases
  • [Clientarea] Credit card details entered on some order pages are not saved.
  • [Cloud Signup] Fixed: Password validation rules are not checked upon customer signup
  • [Onapp v4] Listing client VMs becomes slow with multiple vms, generating timouts in some cases
  • [Onapp v4] Metered usage is incorrect on onapp 4.2
  • [Payment] Planoscipl / PayU module doesn’t record payments
  • [PsiGate] Fixed: Unsupported SSL version

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