New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Separation of fields in account details into fields available in clientarea and admin only
  • [Cloud Signup v2] Added: Easier way for embedding social login buttons in 2019 theme
  • [cPanel] Added: Cloudlinux support with ability to set custom ram/cpu values
  • [Domains] Added: Functionality limitation for some client functions if the domain is invoiced for renewal
  • [Enom] Added: Detailed error message during synchronization of domain that is pending transfer but failed transfer for some reason
  • [Enom] Added: Enom balance admin dashboard widget
  • [LibreNMS] Changed: hb_api.php can now support API Tokens and LibreNMS servers with non-mysql auth.
  • [Plesk] Added: Option that removes the zone during synchronization if DNS has been disabled on the Plesk side
  • [UserApi] Added: Option to set Affiliate ID when submitting cart orders.

Bugs Fixed

  • [API] Fixed: verifyClientMFA throws error if mfa module was not found
  • [Billing] Fixed: Cancellation request removes items from final invoice
  • [Calendar] Fixed: Additional staff members are not notified about event when selected in it
  • [Cart] Fixed: The price of subproducts in the one step order page is not displayed correctly
  • [CentralNic Reseller] Fixed: Unable to register domain for .dk TLD
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: PHP error on bandwidth limit calculation for php 8.1
  • [Cryptomus] Fixed: Pending transaction appears as failed in gateway log
  • [DCIManager6] Fixed: Reinstall shows raid option when software raid is disabled in product
  • [FreeRadius] Fixed: Changing custom forms does not update radcheck/radreply
  • [FreeRadius] Fixed: Custom radreply attributes are put into radcheck
  • [InternetX] Fixed: Unable to register domain for .es TLD
  • [Matomo eCommerce] Fixed: The amount is set incorrectly if the invoice concerns several orders
  • [Plesk] Fixed: DNS management widget does not allow to change domain to other than main
  • [Plesk] Fixed: DNS sync does not delete zones
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: New VM stays in creating status.
  • [Reports] Fixed: Custom php reports may cause php8.1 error when sent into html file
  • [Support] Fixed: Tags with too large names cover the ticket subject
  • [Support] Fixed: Tickets with the status Closed are displayed in Pending review
  • [vCloud] Fixed: Unable to save storage profiles that have form components enabled.
  • [VMManager] Fixed: Access to control panel feature does not work
  • [VMManager] Fixed: Client functions may not render in client portal

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