New Features

  • [SolusVm v2] Major SolusVM module update
  • [SolusVm v2] Added: Support for metered billing, with option to charge for bandwidth usage/overages
  • [SolusVm v2] Added: Enable TUN/TAP And PAE
  • [SolusVm v2] Added: Mount/Unmount ISO
  • [SolusVm v2] Added: Enable/disable PXE option on VM.
  • [SolusVm v2] Added: Access SolusVM control panel with one click.
  • [SolusVm v2] Added: Change VM boot order.
  • [SolusVm v2] Added: Manage TUN/TAP options
  • [SolusVm v2] Added: NoVNC Console Support
  • [SolusVm v2] Added: Option to change Console Password
  • [Ahsay] Added: Support for Ahsay 7
  • [Ahsay] Added: Test connection option added to Settings->Apps for Ahsay OBS module
  • [PayPal] Added: Option to disable "business" option verification in callbacks from PayPal
  • [Reports] Added: Sage50 CSV exports - audit trail and customer list
  • [Status Updates] Added: RSS Feed for future/past/current status updates

Bugs Fixed

  • [Automation] Changed: Sending out scheduled tickets limit increased from 10 to 200 per cron call
  • [Design 11] Fixed: "Main menu" is not translatable
  • [Design 11] Fixed: Login does not redirect to main client portal
  • [DirectAdmin2] Unable to create email account - cannot set an unlimited send limit
  • [General] Metered summary for daily usage doesn’t show dates.
  • [OnApp 4] Accounts are not usable if user id is lost/incorrect
  • [OnApp 4] Os template - set custom pricing - checkbox state is not saved correctly
  • [OnApp 4] Rate limit can not be lower than 1
  • [OnApp 4] Updated iso permissions for onapp 4
  • [Onestep Metro Boxes] With TOS disabled submit button is rendered incorrectly
  • [Order] Downgrade orders for client with group discounts do not add credit to account.
  • [Owncloud] Connection errors if wrong version set in app configuration
  • [Psigate] Fixed: Gateway port changed to 27934
  • [SolusVm v2] Can't reactivate account after it was terminated
  • [SolusVm v2] Console not usable, invalid address
  • [Staff Sales] Fixed: Component downgrades does not count negative commission

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