New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Warnings about queue performance/setup in "Things may need your attention box"
  • [General] Added: Mobile notifications are now also handled by Mailing queue
  • [IPAM] Added: Additional column for WAN IP
  • [IPAM] Added: Option to fill WAN IPs when creating IP list
  • [Openstack] Changed: IP setup for slower servers moved to background queue.
  • [Orders] Changed: Custom Discount option moved to top of discounts list in order draft section
  • [Plesk12] Added: Private IP field in app/server settings that can be used for server connection
  • [Proxmox2] Added: Client area will display WAN IP from IPAM if it is provided
  • [Whois] Changed: Updated bandwidth switch/port assignment ui.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Accounts] Fixed: "Column not found: 1054 Unknown column" error when sorting accounts quick list by service category
  • [Admin] Fixed: Changing account and domain owner does not update related order.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Link to client in promotion code is broken
  • [Admin] Fixed: Removing clients does not terminate related accounts if those were moved from a different client.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Test connection does not work from product page.
  • [CloudMonitoring] Fixed: Not possible to uncheck "Allow client to add/remove monitored hosts" option
  • [Design11] Fixed: Domain menu in listing display offpage
  • [General] Queue: Fixed - queue can cause server load spikes on cPanel servers with posix+pcntl extensions available
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: PHP Error when creating new clients
  • [Openstack 2] Fixed: Reset password link shows in vms with state other than active
  • [Openstack] Fixed: VM management does not work if related image is removed.
  • [Orders] Fixed: Order build time takes long to process due to unoptimized username field
  • [Orders] Fixed: invoice for forms upgrade does not contain period
  • [Plesk12] Fixed: Server connection does not return any status
  • [Script Provisioning] Fixed: $account.newpassword variable missing for password change call
  • [Whois] Fixed: Custom whois scripts stopped working

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