New Features

  • [Invoices] New invoice draft will be pre-set with due & pay before date based on client group automation
  • [Invoices] Added option to change client assigned to invoice draft
  • [Recurring Invoices] Added option to define number of days for due & pay before dates.
  • [OnAPP v4] Added option to enable shutting down of client vms on account suspensions.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Invoices] Save changes button gets hidden when trying to edit invoice
  • [General] Affiliate doesn’t receive recurring commission if invoice is paid directly from client area with credit, or credit card
  • [General] Services with pre-paid metered billing do not receive credit if related order is not active
  • [General] Cant reuse paid os after after removing related VM from cloudstack.
  • [General] Recurring transactions do not add correct amount of credit if related invoice is partially paid.
  • [Client Area] Announcements are sorted incorrectly.
  • [API] orders created with addOrder method do not add client group discount.
  • [General] Missing annotations in metered report
  • [Proxmox2] can't lock file /var/lock/qemu-server/lock-xxx.conf when deploying new vm using clone method
  • [OnAPP v4] Summary records of couple of hours of usage are now split into each hour
  • [OnAPP v4] Network zone related usage is not detected correctly on some configurations.
  • [OnAPP v4] Usage stats with very small values are displayed in scientific notation.
  • [OnAPP Flavors] Billing plan is created with 0 storage limit
  • [Cloudstack] Can't provision SingleVM accounts with root disk set to 0
  • [Cloudstack] Vm root password reset doesn't work
  • [Cloudstack] Account list shows 0 for storage size if no data disk was added.
  • [Orderpage] Live Cloud - cant submit order if tos is disabled

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