New Features

  • [Cloudstack] Added added option to resize vm root disk
  • [Cloudstack] Added option to define limits for primary storage, secondary storage, network and vpc
  • [Cloudstack] Added option to define root disk for single vm
  • [Cloudstack] Added option to enable root disk customization for cloud hosting
  • [General] Added new hook for estimates - after_estimateinvoiced
  • [InventoryManager] Added new feature that allows you to create estimates with inventory items and update their status on payment.
  • [InventoryManager] Added option to specify default commission rate for item types.
  • [InventoryManager] Added option to specify retail price for items.
  • [InventoryManager] Added warning if invalid format is used.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Editing invoice details doesn't work
  • [Admin] Final invoice is showing up as proforma if status is changed from 'Paid'
  • [Clientarea] Invalid estimated charge when upgrading from triennially cycle
  • [Clientarea] Invoice page is empty when viewing with Internet Explorer 11
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed volume resizing issue on KVM hypervisor
  • [General] after_estimateupdate hook doesn’t include new items ids
  • [General] Invoice status for paid os license is ignored on the second try to deploy vm
  • [General] PDF Invoices are not parsed if there is a style declaration at the end.
  • [InventoryManager] Missing QR image if GD extension is not installed
  • [InventoryManager] Price is not formatted on some item lists
  • [Multibrand] Disabled order pages are visible in /clintarea/services page
  • [Multibrand] Missing edit link for default brand
  • [OnApp v4] PHP error when provisioning accounts after payment or by cron.
  • [OnApp v4] Upgrade action fails to move client to new billing plan.
  • [Orderpage] Onestep Live Cloud - layout issues with newer templates
  • [Proxmox] Unable to deploy LXC vm with IPAM enabled
  • [Staff Sales] Staff can browse past months' commissions
  • [Staff Sales] Removing commission that is paid does not update staff commission total
  • [Vmware5] Fixed: Disk space/memory limit is not listed in client profile's service listing
  • [Whois] .club domain extension is always showing as unavailable

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