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New Features

  • [API] Added: Optional 'ip' parameter for convertOrderDraft method
  • [Clientarea] Added: Customers now can cancel new orders by canceling related invoice from invoice menu. This option can be enabled in Settins->Other
  • [Forms] Added: File upload form field - lets your client upload files during order that will be attached to his service
  • [General] Added: Option to disable adding management privileges to domain contact (General Settings > Other)
  • [Invoice] Changed: Contact accounts with no privileges wont allow users to log-in
  • [Invoice] Changed: Updated ui for add payment, change currency and add credit options
  • [Products] Added: Option to increase stock if related account is terminated
  • [Products] Changed: Account total stat divided to show numbers for each status
  • [Products] Changed: Items in stock updated to show used vs total available accounts.
  • [Products] Changed: Product stock is now calculated based on accounts in system instead of a counter decremented with each order.
  • [Products] Changed: Promotion code usage is now calculated based on order in system instead of a counter decremented with each use.
  • [Whois] Added: Option to define separate servers for availability lookup and whois info
  • [Whois] Added: Support for servers that use custom ports

Bugs Fixed

  • [Accounts] Fixed: Suspend/Unsuspend do not work if HBQueue is enabled in system
  • [Accounts] Fixed: Suspend/Unsuspend notifications are not send if this action is done manually
  • [Cart] Fixed: Credit preview is invalid for clients using currency different than main
  • [Coupons] Fixed: Coupons are used up even on fraud and canceled orders
  • [Coupons] Fixed: Saving coupon with single customer selected twice, remove this customer assignment
  • [Design11] Fixed: Issues with bootstrap modal being covered by backdrop
  • [Domain] Fixed: Registration fails with some modules if client select already created contacts.
  • [Email Templates] Fixed: Email preview does not work on some php7 installations
  • [Email Templates] Fixed: Email preview does not work with HBQueue enabled
  • [Email Verificatin] Fixed: Client is redirected from order after sign-up from cart
  • [Email Verificatin] Fixed: Client order is dropped when trying to verify email
  • [Estimates] Fixed: Can't save public notes
  • [Estimates] Fixed: Management options are not disabled depending on current status
  • [Estimates] Fixed: Missing option for currency change
  • [Estimates] Fixed: Old private notes are nod visible
  • [IPAM] Fixed: General search does not accept IPv6 addresses
  • [Invoice] Fixed: Apply credit option does not work
  • [Invoice] Fixed: Can't update recurring invoice start date.
  • [Invoice] Fixed: Invoice balance and total amount does not update when changing invoice details
  • [Order] Fixed: Data about ordered items is not stored in database
  • [Orders] Fixed: When upgrade is related to free item, period shown on invoice contains 0000-00-00 date
  • [Products] Fixed: Domain category is showing accounts text instead of domains
  • [Products] Fixed: Stock is decreased even for fraud and canceled orders
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: VM is not powered off before termination
  • [Search] Fixed: Search query with IPv6 does not return related accounts or IPAM entries
  • [Whois] Fixed: Whois data is not shown for third level domains.

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