New Integrations

  • [StopForumSpam] Added: StopForumSpam fraud protection module

New Features

  • [DNS] Added: Refresh zones listing button in DNS Zones editor module
  • [Invoices] Added: Ability to override automated invoice collections per client/client group
  • [Invoices] Added: Notification emails for admin and client about moving invoice to collections
  • [Invoices] Added: Option to send copies of only paid invoices to an additional e-mail address
  • [IPAM] Added: Ability to delete old PTR record and set new record when IP address is unassigned
  • [OpenProvider] Added: Automatic renewal during registration if domain has a maximum registration period of 1 year and Registration period in HostBill is greater than 1 year
  • [SMSEagle Notifications] Added: "Use https" option in module settings
  • [SolusIO] Added: Post-Paid billing support
  • [SSL Services] Added: Ability to generate CSR when placing an order
  • [StopForumSpam] Added: StopForumSpam fraud protection module
  • [JPK_FA_3] Added: Option to convert all invoices to PLN
  • [YooKassa] Added: New additional option that allows to send a receipt during payment or refund

Bugs Fixed

  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: Rate ticket reply does not store rating data
  • [Acronis] Fixed: Change Package does not update data after changes in the Acronis API
  • [Api] Fixed: Error when getting product list
  • [Cart] Fixed: Error when ordering 4+ years ssl product
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: Whoislookup plugin shows unavailable domain as available to register
  • [ClouDNS] Fixed: Cannot add SRV record when priority is 0
  • [ClouDNS] Fixed: The module does not work properly with the Plesk DNS Tool plugin
  • [cPanel DNS Tool] Fixed: Synchronization cannot create a zone in some cases
  • [cPanel DNS] Fixed: Time out error while updating zone
  • [cPanel Manage2] Fixed: IP address form field is not used during account provisioning if it was filled after signup
  • [cPanel Manage2] Fixed: When using form to store license IP its not possible to change old license IP address
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: In some cases the product configuration does not work properly
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: In some cases, the application cannot be created in Installatron
  • [DNS] Fixed: DNS template selected in DNS product is not applied to newly created zones using automation rules
  • [DNS] Fixed: Removing zone from DNS Zone Editor does not remove related zone<->account relationship from DB
  • [Invoices] Fixed: Recurring invoices cannot set "pay before" date before invoice generation date
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: Cannot disable DNSSEC in client area
  • [OpenStack] Fixed: Storage limit error when trying to create multiple instances.
  • [OpenStack] Fixed: Unable to create new vm if product allows for unlimited storage.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Account is activated even if LXC provisioning failed
  • [] Fixed: Checkout Payment form does not display correctly on older templates

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