New Features

  • [Amazon Lightsail] Added: New provisioning module for reselling Amazon Lightsail instances
  • [Automation] Added: Option to disable automatic service renewals / invoice generation per account.
  • [Automation] Added: Option to apply credit X days before invoice due date.
  • [Automation] Added: Option to generate separate invoices if services have different tax options.
  • [DepositBonus] Added: Support for MultiBrand
  • [Gateways: Mollie] Added: Support for ING Homepay payment method
  • [MultiBrand] Added: Brand variables that can be used in invoice templates
  • [MultiBrand] Added: Option to set credit note and receipt templates for each brand.
  • [SolusVm] Added: Option to set custom port in app configuration
  • [Twitter] Added: Option do hide reply to other users tweets
  • [Twitter] Added: Support for MultiBrand
  • [Virtualizor] Changed: IP Pool can now be optional

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Unable to reset Auto-apply credit in client profile to default option.
  • [DCIManager2] Fixed: IP setup fails due to timeouts
  • [DCIManager2] Fixed: Provisioning fails to create IPMI User
  • [DomainDNS] Fixed: DNS Package with free payment option gets billing cycle of related hosting account rather than free
  • [Domains] Fixed: Unable to purchase WHOIS protection for existing domains
  • [Gateways: Stripe 3ds] Fixed: Customer changing his credit card can effectively bypass 3ds process
  • [Invoices] Fixed: 3rd invoice rate (converting to additional currency) is messed up upon invoice payment
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Metered billing uses ON pricing even if VM was powered down if OFF prices are set to 0.
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Minimal value is incorrect when downgrading resources.
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Provisioning fails with generic error
  • [Password Manager] Fixed: On some installs password manager lists no passwords (even if they were in db) after upgrade
  • [PasswordManager] Fixed: Upgrade issue on some installations
  • [Twitter] Fixed: Hash tags and user mentions are not linkified
  • [Twitter] Fixed: re-tweets are truncated
  • [Upgrades] Fixed: Downgrade values are invalid in relation to form step setting.
  • [Upgrades] Fixed: Slider with input form does not generate steps relative to initial value.
  • [Virtualizor] Fixed: Error when trying to power on/off vms from admin area.
  • [Virtualizor] Fixed: IP Pool option in product is reset on each page refresh.
  • [Virtualizor] Fixed: PHP error when trying to rebuild server

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