New Features

  • [Admin] Added: "Apply current pricing" ACL to control feature for bulk-applying price changes from products to accounts/domains
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to specify per-department email & sms notifications settings
  • [Ahsay Backup] Added: Ability for clients to edit contacts through related Client Function
  • [Ahsay Backup] Added: Ability to enable MariadDB in package settings
  • [Ahsay Backup] Added: Form options for Qnap, Synology, Deduplication
  • [Clientarea] Changed: Ordering addons for a service from its details will default addon cycle to service cycle
  • [Forms] Added: It is now possible to configure the "Select with QTY input" field type in "Form Item Groups"
  • [Razorpay] Added: Support for razorpay subscriptions
  • [Related Client Service] Added: Listing of related tickets in account/domain details

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Attempting to store empty tld in whois settings resulted in exception error
  • [Bambora] Fixed: Card capture from admin UI issue
  • [Billing] Fixed: Metered billing line does not have tax group applied for related invoice item
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: Addons does not keep their order in client portal service menu
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Provisioning fails when trying to create vm tags on cloudstack
  • [Domains] Fixed: .uk domains due date is not set correctly when synchronizing expire date/trasfer-in domains
  • [End Of Shift] Fixed: All tickets goes into "unread" stat
  • [eWay] Fixed: Eway token refunds amount properly, but records only 1% of refunded amount in HB
  • [Forms] Fixed: saving related "Form Item Groups" may not work properly
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: Unable to update TLD prices
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Unable to manage security groups with spaces in the name.
  • [Password Strength Meter] Fixed: Module does not show meter bar under 2019 theme
  • [Plesk] Fixed: During account import its possible to re-import/duplicate accounts
  • [] Fixed: ACH Intents 3DS module shows charge button in invoice UI that does not work.
  • [] Fixed: Stripe Intents BACS: Sometimes transactions are recorded twice
  • [] Fixed: Checkout module fails to create session with payment error
  • [Support] Fixed: Unable to sort knowledge base articles and categories
  • [Virtfusion] Fixed: When no IPv4 are set module creates machine with 1 IPv4
  • [ZACR] Fixed: Domain transfer always returns an error in some cases

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