New Features

  • [Client area] Added: Portal notifications - new way of communiating with customers
  • [Client area] Added: Settings for clients to decide which group of emails main contact should receive
  • [Admin] Added: Logs tab in client profile showing notifications, emails and activity logs
  • [Affiliates] Added: An option that allows to set a landing page outside of the main domain
  • [Bandwidth] Added: It is now possible to select custom period when viewing client area bandwidth graphs.
  • [Buckaroo] Added: Check if the invoice in the Buckaroo system has the Pending status to prevent re-payment for the invoice
  • [Cloud Signupv2] Added: The possibility of setting the currency during registration
  • [DCIManager2] Added: Option to automatically assign LibreNMS graphs for related port.
  • [DCIManager2] Added: Option to send notification when OS install operation start, finishes or fails.
  • [DCIManager2] Added: Option to send notifications when bandwidth is near limit and when it is overused.
  • [Email templates] Added: Option to change email template group
  • [Email templates] Added: Option to enable auto-portal notifiations for template
  • [Proxmox2] Added: Option to setup admin notifications when VM clone or reinstall fails.
  • [Proxmox2] Changed: Removed used space column in client area storage section, it is only supported by few storage types.
  • [UserAPI] Added: Routes for portal notifications

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Continued invoice creation option is hidden for non-eu billing
  • [Billing] Fixed: Billing cycle change option shows recurring prices without form components.
  • [Billing] Fixed: Duplicated Invoice:Paid email when issuing a Credit Note that adds credit to invoice.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Metered billing with no recurring price does not charge setup price.
  • [DigitalOcean] Fixed: SSH key add error
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: Sometimes, in the configuration of the invoice template in the default brand, the invoice template from another brand is loaded
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Whitelist functions are missing fomr v6 module
  • [Password Manager] Fixed: Call to a member function getCurrentFilter() on null
  • [Script Provisioning] Fixed: Missing server and product information on client form edits
  • [Support] Fixed: Plain text version of ticket notification includes html in message body if email template is set to send HTML and plain text version.
  • [] Fixed: Now GeoTrust products require the Title field in contacts

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