New Integrations

  • [ActiveCampaign Reseller] Added: ActiveCampaign Reseller provisioning module

New Features

  • [2019 Theme] Added: Support for editing the main menu in theme configuration
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible for admin to specify when cancelation should be processed
  • [Admin] Added: New option under Settings->Billing->Client balance to choose if client can add funds if he don't have active orders
  • [Admin] Changed: "Edit Configuration" permission is now required to access ticket filters section
  • [Clientarea] Added: option to enable/disable profile notification when adding a new profile in the client area
  • [General] Added: Check for SQL strict mode status upon new installation/on dashboard
  • [IPAM] Changed: It is now possible to update IP status to reserved or assignable.
  • [NASK] Added: Automatic receiving of poll messages by cron
  • [NASK] Added: Buttons with additional actions in domain details
  • [NASK] Added: Performing actions after receiving certain poll messages
  • [] Added: Support for automated TLD/price imports
  • [U2F Authentication] Added: Additional key management button added to interface

Bugs Fixed

  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: CSS improvements on the settings page
  • [API] Fixed: issueCreditNote creates a credit note without items.
  • [Admin] Fixed: ACL flag to list clients was not checked in notification section
  • [Admin] Fixed: Addon list is empty in Settings->product addons
  • [Admin] Fixed: Currency to country settings are not accessible
  • [Admin] Fixed: Editing ticket macro reply does not load its contents
  • [Admin] Fixed: Staff who is not view owner could edit it
  • [Admin] Fixed: Staff with no "Access support" ACL could list ticket view
  • [Billing] Fixed: Add fund invoices are not processed if paid trough Pay all invoice option
  • [Billing] Fixed: Adding funds payment gateway fee adds to credit balance
  • [Estimates] Fixed: Saving estimate line name may throw error
  • [European Central Bank] Fixed: In some cases, downloading rates returned an empty result
  • [IPAM] Fixed: An inetnum cannot be created in RIPE if the client name has illegal characters
  • [IPAM] Fixed: IP Edit button is not visible on new installations.
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: When sending an email regarding a ticket in from name is the brand name instead of the company name
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: Groups: In the ticket details, the Brand field is set to the customer's brand even if the ticket is assigned to a different brand
  • [OnApp] Fixed: VM actions can't be clicked after some time.
  • [OpenSRS SSL] Fixed: Problem connecting to the API
  • [Order] Fixed: Creating upgrade order from order draft does not generate an invoice.
  • [Order] Fixed: Order draft page freezes on installations with many customer records.
  • [PowerDNS] Fixed: In some cases, DNSSEC Keys are displayed incorrectly
  • [] Fixed: In some cases, cannot create a new contacts
  • [] Fixed: Unable to update registrant contact name
  • [Smartermail] Fixed: If IP address was present, hostname was not used for SOAP calls
  • [] Fixed: In some cases, the payment amount was incorrect

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