New Features

  • [BitPay] Added: Ability to use branded image as "Pay Now" button
  • [General] Added: Its now possible to define displayed date format per client language
  • [Jelastic] Added: Additional log entries while performing the action
  • [Multibrand] Added: "Disable registrations for same email addresses" option
  • [Netim] Added: Functions to manage Nameservers
  • [Netim] Added: Support for importing TLD prices
  • [Openstack] Added: Option to enable automatic daily snapshots.
  • [Openstack] Added: Option to select Availability Zone and allow client selection of zones during order or provisioning.
  • [Support] Added: Its now possible to specify attachment action: accept or reject based on extension
  • [Support] Added: Option "Do not add a signature to the reply" to the department's settings

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Client group discount is calculated incorrectly for service upgrades in order draft.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Downgrade amount does not include negative discounts when saved from order draft
  • [Admin] Fixed: Form component shows some options as checked even when those are disabled
  • [Domains] Fixed: When domain price override is set for tld it wrongly adds tax in inclusive model
  • [Products] Fixed: Cancelation setting is stored wrongly when saving product
  • [Realtime Register] Fixed: Epp Code is not sent during domain transfer
  • [] Fixed: Mandate accept text does not show on final order step
  • [Support] Fixed: Can't add or edit SLA policies for ticket department.
  • [Status Updates] Fixed: notifications are not displayed correctly in the client area
  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: Simple Boxes orderpage description does not show when orderpage is a sub-category
  • [cPanel DNS] Fixed: SOA record has invalid value when importing zone from Plesk
  • [cPanel DNS] Fixed: The module does not work properly with Plesk DNS Tool
  • [Plesk] Fixed: DNS Tool: In some cases the account creation in Plesk is not executed correctly
  • [Plesk] Fixed: Some client functions do not work properly when a client has multiple subscriptions
  • [ComodoSSL] Fixed: Selecting the DCV method displays the wrong options
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: Installatron sometimes displays incorrect domains on which to install the application
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: In some cases, authorization does not work
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: Invoices are not issued in the currency set in the App Connection

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