New Integrations

  • [] Added: DNS management module

New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Activating/deactivating/uninstalling modules by staff will now be logged in admin log
  • [Admin] Added: Separate staff permission: View Client Automation Settings
  • [API] Added: A method that lists DNS templates for the App
  • [Billing] Added: Option to auto-issue credit note on automated invoice cancelations
  • [Coinify] Added: Coinify2 module to make use of newer APIs
  • [HTML Integrator] Added: Ability to export all tlds in form of html table
  • [Inventory Manager] Added: Option "add empty option" in inventory manager select field
  • [IPAM] Added: Option to export selected IP details as CSV file.
  • [NextCloud] Added: Ability to use slider during ordering for quota in gb, rather than select box with pre-defined values
  • [Reports] Added: Its now possible to specify :products_id, :categories_id, :tlds_id in reports
  • [] Changed: Removed "customer_balance" payment method from stripe checkout
  • [UserApi] Added: Method that displays history logs

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Adding entry to client credit log may trigger error on newer php versions
  • [Admin] Fixed: Client account statement is missing invoices previously imported from other systems
  • [Admin] Fixed: Creating on-demand invoice from domain details sometimes throws error about missing client
  • [Admin] Fixed: Pagination for custom ticket statuses does not work if those use special characters.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Adding sub-product with post-paid billing type forces it to pre-paid
  • [Cart] Fixed: The "Add this contact to my account" disappears from domain configuration form if provided contact details were not valid.
  • [Client area] Fixed: Upgrade form shows components that should be hidden by field logic if related field is not enabled for upgrades.
  • [cPanel] Fixed: Error in log for cPanel DNS tool if its not configured
  • [Cryptomus] Fixed: Module does not react correctly on paid-over webhook
  • [Domains] Fixed: Cannot set ID Protection in order draft
  • [Hooks] Fixed: Hook after_domaincontactchange does not always provide correct data in 'contacts_after'
  • [Inventory Manager] Fixed: Error message is shown on log page
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: The "GetPayMethodList" method returns incorrect data
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: The module does not work properly with PHP 8.1
  • [Namesilo] Fixed: Registration of new name servers does not work correctly
  • [OpenSRS SSL] Fixed: Cannot see private key
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Error about invalid ostemplate when deploying LXC containers.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Unable to deploy LXC Containers when using user other than root.
  • [Relatime Register] Fixed: Unable to update contacts for domain
  • [Ticket notes preview] Fixed: Module does not work properly for PHP 8.1
  • [] Fixed: Add/remove reverse dns buttons added/removed ips instead
  • [] Fixed: PHP error on rebuild page for php 8.1

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