New Features

  • [Affiliate] Added:Option to disable landing page redirect for selected affiliates
  • [Clientarea] Changed: Login template for cart updated to vertical layout
  • [Multibrand Groups] Added: Option to disable invoice merge if related items are from different brands
  • [cPanel DNS] Added: Ability to use cPanel DNS for reverse DNS management in IPAM

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin]: Fixed: Email logs for html + plain text messages show wrong content.
  • [Admin]: Fixed: Option in field logic are not translated
  • [GOGetSSL] Fixed: Client phone prefix is not pre-filled in clientarea.
  • [GOGetSSL] Fixed: Empty email validation list if no emails are returned for certificate
  • [GOGetSSL] Fixed: Entering CSR in client area does not update organization details
  • [GOGetSSL] Fixed: Missing options in server selection
  • [GOGetSSL] Fixed: SAN options are shown for non-SAN certificates
  • [HSphere] Fixed: Support for secure/https connections
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: Login redirects user to his sign-up brand
  • [Onapp] Fixed: Bandwidth calculation doesn't work correctly for current period if account due date is far in the future.
  • [Onapp] Fixed: Port speed is not limited after bandwidth overuse.
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Account list does not show IP column
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Network interface toggle does not work
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Vm resize shows after vm resize is confirmed
  • [PowerDNS] Fixed: rectifyzone task do not work properly
  • [Reports] Fixed: "List of clients with active services, with inactive profile (disabled login)" broken report sql
  • [SSL Services] Fixed: Missing contact organization name form
  • [SSL Services] Fixed: Server list is not sorter in any way

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