New Features

  • [EURid] Added: Button that sets scheduled deletion
  • [Google Authenticator] Added: ability to remember visitor device
  • [OnApp] Changed: Increased default timeouts
  • [Vies Vat EU] Changed: Removed UK from MOSS checks / tax exempts
  • [XML UBL] Added: UBL Invoice 2.0 format

Bugs Fixed

  • [Accounts] Fixed: Due day is not stored on account details change after recent Eloquent update
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Can't set the number of snapshot to keep if cart forms are enabled for snapshot limit
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Cron fails to execute snapshot schedule
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Data disk created for VPS uses root disk tags
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Provisioning fails create service offering if storage type ise set to use values from default offering.
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Provisioning fails if hostname is already used in shared network
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Provisioning fails to create isolated network if network limit was not set
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Service listing has invalid links for VM power on/off buttons
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Unable to add volume snapshot schedule
  • [Knowledgebase] Fixed: The article editor is always WYSIWYG even when Source Code is in the settings
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: When the brand has Default client language set, the text is not displayed on the page when creating a session
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: "useDomicile" option does not always work for .de domains
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Boot from iso fails to set correct boot order if vm has no existing cd-drive
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: You do not have any CD/DVD drive message in client area when trying to mount ISO
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: OS name shows template name from proxmox instead of option name defined in product.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Panel access details layout broken on newer templates.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Unable to list os templates if node selection is enabled in cart.
  • [Search] Fixed: The returned results are not translated into the client's language
  • [Support] Fixed: Admin can't add attachments to replies if client area notifications are enabled
  • [Tickets] Fixed: The lock reply icon appears in the ticket list even when the "Lock ticket reply" option is disabled
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Tickets opened by contact do not show client group
  • [Upgrades] Fixed: Incorrectly calculates quantity for fields when domain period is more than 1 year
  • [JPK_FA_3] Fixed: Removed unrequired PLN exchanges

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