New Features

  • [Cart] Added new form component - Searchable Dropdown
  • [General] Session cookie enables httponly value and sets "secure" param if https is used.
  • [Observium] Updated hb_api.php file to work with Observium
  • [Quickbooks Online] Its now possible to disable setting HostBill client id in QB listings

Bugs Fixed

  • [Bundles] Ordering domain registration in bundle does not populate domain name into bundle items after order.
  • [Inventory Manager 2] Fixed: Updating items in item delivery messes guarantee/support dates
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: Onapp cron fails when account is not synced, preventing other accounts to sync.
  • [Queue] When using queue and HTTPS emails are sent out without https links
  • [Reports] DINSTINCT keyword was ignored by database engine in custom sql reports
  • [SolusVM v2] Upgrading/downgrading forms result with "forms_upgrade_failed" failed
  • [Virtualizor] Provisioning fails with error about insuficient ram

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