New Features

  • [HSphere] Added: Support for secure/https connections
  • [PowerDNS] Added: Support for DNSSEC Learn more
  • [Sepa Direct Debit] Added: Support for ISO:camt.053.001.02:APC:STUZZA:payments:003 CAMT message format (Sparkasse.AT)

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Domain orderpage template shows up for selection in non-domain categories. - invoice - fix for importer
  • [Automation] Fixed: Custom account auto emails does not contain forms variables
  • [Cart] Fixed: Own domain cannot be selected on some orderpages in mobile browsers
  • [Cart] Fixed: Domain forms price is not added to order total
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: invoice subtotal and tax variables are not available in invoice listing loop in client portal
  • [Domains] Fixed: DNSManagement widget does not redirect to proper zone in local DNS management
  • [GoGetSSL] Fixed: "Other" option when selecting server software does not work for comodo certificates
  • [IPAM] Fixed: IPs are assigned from wrong list if both share the same ip addressees
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: brand selection for new services does not show all brands from group.
  • [OnApp] Fixed: CPU an memory usage is not counted correctly
  • [OnApp] Fixed: VM deployment does not check if selected hypervisor is offline
  • [OpenSRS] Fixed: Module returns error about missing mcrypt extension on php7
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Connection error if both ip and hostname is provided
  • [PDU SNMP] Fixed: Account page hangs if there are a lot of IPs assigned to an account.
  • [SMSEagle] Fixed: SMS are not sent if customer phone number stats with 0

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