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Automate MYNIC domain management with HostBill


MYNIC is the official .MY domain registry recognized by ICANN, which provides Malaysian organizations and individuals their unique brand identity on the Internet. MYNIC administers nine domain name categories i.e. .my, .com.my, .biz.my, .org.my, .net.my, .edu.my, .gov.my, .mil.my and .name.my. HostBill integration enables to sell and manage MYNIC domains out of the box. HostBill automation covers registrations, renewals and synchronization.


Automated domain registration. When enabled, domain module connects registrar API to register new domain name ordered by client.


Automated domain renewals. Renew function gives the ability to renew the domain name by customer-purchased period when domain is about to expire


Registry <-> HostBill synchronization. Domain synchronization allows your staff members to update HostBill domain records with registry details, ie. to make sure that domain renewal/expiration dates are in sync.

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