25 Jul, 2023

Process payments in HostBill using Paysera gateway

About Paysera

Paysera is a fintech institution from the Baltics region, providing online payment services globally. It has developed Paysera system which offers simple and convenient methods to perform payments online. Paysera enables payment collection via Paysera, different banks, bank link, payment cards, SMS and other payment systems, in 184 countries and in 32 currencies. Paysera payment solution offers real time notifications about incoming transfers via email or SMS message for you to stay informed about new trascantions. Their platform is available in 18 languages. HostBill supports Paysera payment gateway to process payments out of the box.

Offsite processing

Gateways requires redirecting customer to gateway frontend to finish payment.

Process Payments

The transaction is processed live without staff intervention - customer submits payment which is processed by HostBill with Paysera.

Recurring Charges

This integration allows HostBill to process recurring charges. Customer card / payment profile can be automatically captured by HostBill when recurring invoice is issued.

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