25 Jul, 2023

Process payments in HostBill using eWay gateway

About eWay

eWay is a leading global payment gateway, allowing businesses to accept secure credit card payments 24/7 from customers around the world. eWay's goal is to make eCommerce as easy as possible for merchants and their customers. With over 25,000 active merchants, eWay links to all major banks in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, with Level 1 PCI DSS certification to ensure payment data is secure and protected.

Onsite processing

Gateway processes payment in background - your client will not leave HostBill UI.


This integration processes customer credit card in background when customer confirms payment in HostBill UI.

Process Payments

The transaction is processed live without staff intervention - customer submits payment which is processed by HostBill with eWay.

Recurring Charges

This integration allows HostBill to process recurring charges. Customer card / payment profile can be automatically captured by HostBill when recurring invoice is issued.

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