05 Sep, 2022

Process payments in HostBill using BrainTree gateway

About BrainTree

BrainTree, a division of PayPal, specializes in mobile and web payment systems for ecommerce companies. Braintree provides its customers with a merchant account and a payment gateway, along with various features including recurring billing, credit card storage, support for mobile and international payments, and PCI compliance solutions. The company emphasizes its easy integrations, multiple payment method options (including PayPal and Venmo), simple pricing, security, and support. Braintree currently allows merchants in more than 40 countries worldwide accept, split, and enable payments in more than 130 currencies. HostBill supports BrainTree Payment Solutions and BrainTree Token payment methods.


This integration processes customer credit card in background when customer confirms payment in HostBill UI.

Process Payments

The transaction is processed live without staff intervention - customer submits payment which is processed by HostBill with BrainTree.


HostBill does not store your credit card - BrainTree will do it for you. BrainTree will provide you with a token to securely use it for subsequent card charges.

Recurring Charges

This integration allows HostBill to process recurring charges. Customer card / payment profile can be automatically captured by HostBill when recurring invoice is issued.

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