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About Us

HostBill is self-funded, privately owned company. We helped over 2000 companies around the globe from various industries build their brands on top of stable billing, automation, support and client management solution HostBill provides.

Idea of creating such system was born in 2008 from co-founders experience - working as system administrators and software developers in various hosting companies. Sharing same every-day troubles and completing each other with different skills it occurred to us that together we create perfect team to develop HostBill - a system that can make thousands of system administrators and hosting companies owners lifes better.

HostBill was build based on few key goals, which were strictly checked during process of its development, and we pledge to keep them up during future improvements:

Simplicity is most important.
Complex solutions don't make anyone's lifes easier

We value performance
- HostBill needs to be as fast as possible in every aspect, no exceptions

HB is and will be rich-featured, but always with balance with simplicity

End-user feedback is important, so every new feature request is taken under consideration

Billing & Automation
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