HostBill for Colocation & Dedicated Servers providers

Bandwidth & overage billing

  • Monitor data transfer & display usage graphs in admin and client interface
  • Measure & bill based on total transfer or 95th percentile.
  • Automatically add overage charge to client's invoice

Switch ports control

  • Control your SNMP or Telnet switch directly from HostBill interface
  • Automatically disable/enable client switch ports on service suspension/unsuspension
  • Monitor link state of ports assigned to client server
  • Easily add control to your network devices

PDU control & automated PDU reboots

  • Control your PDU over SNMP directly from admin interface
  • Allow clients to reboot their servers directly from clientarea
  • Monitor and control current port state

Nagios monitoring support

  • Connect HostBill with best tool available for monitoring
  • Browse Nagios monitoring output from HostBill admin interface
  • Allow clients to check their service status from clientarea

Inventory / Asset management

  • Keep track of every single item your company owns/sells
  • Create your own structures and resell any asset like software, licenses, hardware
  • Assets will be automatically reserved on client purchase,
    your staff members will get notified with build-list

Flexible product configuration

  • Use HostBill Forms to define your custom colocation/servers products
  • Create unlimited dropdowns, sliders, checkboxes or input boxes
  • Fast setup: clone configuration between packages
  • Multiple modules: Connect multiple modules in one package (provisioning + monitoring)

Reverse DNS & IP management

  • Allow your clients to manage Reverse DNS entries for IPs their own
  • Automated records creation with PowerDNS server
  • HostBill IPAM module integration, no more spreadsheets & manual zone updates!