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Add custom field to your new ticket form - ask for root password, related service, software version & more.
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Best way to communicate with customers? HostBill Support Ticket.

New version of custom support fields allows you to:

  • create forms consist of steps customer needs to go trough
  • form can be assigned to support department
  • customer needs to pick department before creating ticket
  • customer needs to go trough all support fields steps before submitting ticket
  • each form step can contain unlimited form fields
  • after filling form customer can submit support ticket
  • form is attached to ticket, staff member can view its details in admin portal
  • new field types supported
    • input field
    • password field
    • related client service (for registered customers)
    • textarea
    • select box
    • check box
    • multiple text input (use it as "steps to reproduce")
    • encrypted input box (value entered by customer is encrypted in database)
    • encrypted password box
    • encrypted textarea
    • url link (show link on form)
  • fields can contain default value
  • field can be verified against admin-defined regex
  • field can be marked as required
This is why we have added new feature Custom Fields. Your customers can immediately add additional information when new ticket is created.


Standard Version



One time fee

Developer Version

  • Source Code Included
  • Lifetime license
  • Full functionality


One time fee
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