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Reduce fraudulent transactions and charge backs by verifying your client identity
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HostBill comes with built-in SMS notification system that you can easily connect your third party sms service with. With SMS verification plug-in you can perform automated sign-ups verification using your sms provider.

How does it work?

After activating this plug-in, your new customers will be required to provide mobile phone number on sign-up. After registration SMS with pin code is sent to your client. Once client provides pin code into your HostBill client area he will gain full access to its function - ie. will be able to open ticket, pay for services.

How it can help my business?

  • Reduces spam and stop bulk registrations.
  • Eliminates chargebacks, identity theft and other forms of online fraud.
  • Verifies user identify.
  • Ensures that account has valid phone number.


Standard Version



One time fee

Developer Version

  • Source Code Included
  • Lifetime license
  • Full functionality


One time fee
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