Inventory/Asset Manager

Inventory/Asset tracking for Data Centers / Colocation and Dedicated Server Providers

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Throw out your spreadsheets - its time for powerful Asset Tracking with automated Server Delivery!

Features: Inventory/Assets

  • Keep track of every single item your company owns/sells
  • Categorize assets into main categories / item types
  • Track every single item by its manufacturer, vendor, serial number and even physical location in your company
  • Create your own structures and manage/resell any asset like software, licenses, hardware, services
  • Record each item guarantee and warranty date

Features: Provisioning

  • Create re-usable products from item types/categories
  • On server build Inventory Manager will automatically reserve required items
  • Automated provisioning - connect inventory products with your HostBill services
  • Once client purchase service assets will be automatically reserved, your staff members will get notified with build-list

Features: Deliveries

  • Hold incoming hardware/software delivery data
  • Manage your inventory vendors, manufacturers
  • Keep track of delivery costs