IPAM module for HostBill is actively maintained to make sure all new cool features are available for you and your customers.
  • 1415112838 [IPAM] Can't assign new IPs in accounts
  • 1407274747 [IPAM] Main IP is not set for account if assigning first IP
  • 1406715981 [IPAM] Not all ips are shown from selected list when you try to assign them to services.
  • [IPAM] Cant add new VLAN to existing group
  • [Module] IPAM: removing IP assignment to a customer does not remove assignment to account
  • [Module] IPAM: Vlan/IPAM dashboard is not displayed when redirected to IPAM from other parts of HostBill
  • [module] IPAM: Extra tab in adminarea: client profile do not load IPAM data
  • [module] IPAM doesn't seem to clear IP's properly
  • [module] IPAM: Assigning entire subnet assings IP in unordered fashion
  • [module] IPAM: IP Provision: Terminate button do not unassign allocated IPs
  • [module] IPAM: IP Provision: Unable to determine/create free IPv4 subnet - while proper subnet size is available
  • [module] IPAM: Removing IP assignment in account do not remove client description & assignment status
  • [module] IPAM: Reservation rules are not always respected
  • 0001445: [module] IPAM: Its not possible to create some custom /30 lists
  • Added: Module: IPAM - IP Provisioning module - automatically assign/split into free subnet on account creation
  • 0001402: [module] IPAM: SQL Exception while trying to import list from SolusVM
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Its now possible to change sublist parent
  • 0001364: [module] IPAM: Duplicate ip error while trying to add now ips
  • 0001367: [module] IPAM: ipv6 reverse entrys are stored in the ipv4 reverse zone instead of the ipv6 reverse zone
  • 0001368: [module] IPAM: can't define hostname while adding new ip
  • 0000314: [module] IPAM rDNS Error after upgrade. Changing directly from -> doesn't work.
  • 0001031: [module] IPAM rDNS dosn't work with PowerDNS.
  • 0001040: [module] Dedicated server module with IPAM: no possibility to assign devices on the racks to their IPs
  • 0001291: [module] IPAM: individual IPs can't be added to any list.
  • 0000824: [module] IPAM module - under owner, the IP is never allocated to an account.
  • 0000923: [module] IPAM: Ips aren't assigned to the Proxmox assosiated products.
  • 000926: [module] Proxmox - openvz - IPAM module - a list of encounterd problems.
  • 0000966: [module] IPAM Module not working correctly with Proxmox and Client Login
  • 0001028: [module] IPAM with Proxmox OpenVZ: IPs aren't tagged as intended.
  • 0001097: [module] IPAM with Proxmox: IPs already assigned to clients are re-used when run out.
  • 0001144: [module] IPAM: No IP assignment on the hardware nodes.
  • 0001307: [module] IPAM with Proxmox: KVM VMs auto provisioning IP display glitches.
  • 0001327: [module] IPAM: Unassign single IP do not work correctly
  • 0001328: [module] IPAM: Working with larger lists in accounts section may lost some ips
  • 0001329: [module] IPAM: Edit list icon is not displayed in Chrome
  • 0001238: [module] IPAM: Unassign all ips button not always work
  • 0001239: [module] IPAM: Assigning entire list to account use only 25 ips from list
  • 0001240: [module] IPAM: Account details lists only 25 assigned IPs
  • Added: IPAM: IP listing pagination + improved listing performance
  • Changed: IPAM: Updated plugin performance for large IP lists
  • 0001144: [module] IPAM: No IP assignment on the hardware nodes.
  • 0001201: [module] IPAM: PHP error while adding new IP sub-lists.
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Major module rebuild
  • Added: Module: IPAM: IPv6 storage/subnetting support
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Admin can now split/join lists with single mouseclick
  • Added: Module: IPAM: When creating list its now possible to define CIDR subnet to fill
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Dashboard with IP usage summary
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Its now possible to assign entire list (subnet) to customer
  • Added: Module: IPAM: GUI (usability) improvements
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Its now possible to easily add ip range/subnet into existing list
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Admin now can check and edit IP assignment from IPAM
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Device/Port assignment from Dedicated Servers Manager visible in listing/assignment details
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Reverse DNS now supports zones name notation
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Reverse DNS now supports classless IN-ADDR.ARPA delegation (D/
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Ability to search for flagged IPs
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Its now possible to unassign all account's IPs with single button
  • 0001140: [module] IPAM: Submit actions (Rev-DNS) are doubled in clientarea
  • 0001076: [module] IPAM: Adding new IP to account changes account main IP
  • Added: IPAM: Its now possible to assign ips to account by CIDR subnet or IP range
  • Added: IPAM: Improved error reporting of rDNS functionality
  • Added: IPAM: Editing rDNS column in adminarea now automatically updates PowerDNS records
  • 0000970: [module] IPAM: Adding entire list mark last IP as main one with Noc-PS module
  • 0000884: [module] IPAM: Its not possible to assign single IP in colocation/dedicated servers section
  • Added: Module: IPAM/colocation - its now possible to assign entire IP list/pool to account
  • 0000564: [module] IPAM exception error while reactivating the module.
  • Added: Module: IPAM - IP search is now available from Smart Search bar
  • 0000589: [module] IPAM: module dosn't work with reverse DNS
  • 0000498: [module] IPAM: Any IP address can't be added to the newly created network.
  • 0000506: [module] IPAM exception error while importing form onapp or filling the pool.
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Its now possible to assign IP to a client from IP list [06-12-2012]
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Its now possible to fill entire list with subnet IPs automatically during creation [06-12-2012]
  • Added: Module: IPAM is now integrated with dedicated servers/colocation products, allowing for easy IP management [06-12-2012]
  • Added: Module: IPAM: Reverse DNS - clients can now manage their rDNS records in PowerDNS directly from Client Area [06-12-2012]