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Billing platform – heart of any online business

Whether you resell hosting or lease colocation space – you need to bill your customers. HostBill platform's core components are designed to help you acquire customer, automate your services and ensure that invoices are paid on time.

Core HostBill components

HostBill is built out of 5 core components accessible from one web-interface, each bringing its unique and complete set of features:

eCommerce Features

You have a product or service that you want to sell. Your service have unique features, requires providing additional informations on customer signup, setting configuration options or picking addons. You want to run special promo for new customers, apply proper taxes. HostBill is flexible tool to easily accomplish all of that with:

Multi currency
Multi languages
Beautiful order-pages

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Automated Billing

Customers appreciated your professional order-page, has been impressed with invoice style they've received as PDF with email. Your great customer service convinced them to pay you with they favourite payment gateway. Month has passed, new invoice was issued, credit card has been charged, customer notified, all happened automatically. All thanks to HostBill billing features like:

Recurring billing support
Multiple billing models/cycles
Automatic reminders

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Client Management

Your client logged in to management portal and is stunned how well its designed. He easily navigates trough invoices history, additional contacts, all his service details. Without leaving portal or need to contact support customer manages all vital aspects of his hosting account. Your staff appreciates how easy is to navigate between client services, how everything works together with:

Feature-rich client areas
Flexible client details management
Easy access to all client-related informations

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Hosting Automation

Payment for invoice arrived, HostBill connected to your control panel, provisioned client account, sent him his login credentials. HostBill makes sure that invoices for related services are generated and delivered on time and reminders about missing payment sent. If your client forgets to pay due invoice, HostBill automatically suspends related account giving ability to unsuspend it once payment arrives. Some of automated areas includes:

Account provisioning
Suspension, unsuspension, termination
Password changes, package upgrades

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Domain Management

Hosting account would most likely require domain linked – HostBill got you covered here as well. From automated domain registrations, transfers to renewals with DNS, contact, nameservers management directly from rich clientarea GUI. Powerful domain registrars integrations includes:

Domain registration, transfer, renewals
Expiration reminders
Clientrea functions: contact management, NS management & more

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Billing & Automation
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