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Billing & Automation

Simple Hosting – sample of feature-rich integration

Below you can find sample of our cPanel integration, feature we called “Simple Hosting”, where your customer can manage all vital aspects of his hosting directly from billing interface, without need of separate login. Watch how-to video to learn how easy it is to set-up!

Database Management

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Allows to create/delete MySQL databases, create/delete users. Managing permissions for databases. Add External host feature allows to access database from remote location.

FTP Management

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Clients can add new FTP account, change password, set directory for each FTP account.

E-mail Management

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To create account: Set Username, password and disk quota. Manage Functions: change password or quota, and delete mailbox.

Backup Management

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Shows list of backups available for this account. With single click you can backup your data anytime.


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With Apps you can install WordPress without downloading/uploading any files! With two clicks your blog is up and running More info on WordPress App page

Disk/Bandwidth usage

Disk summary shows real-time disk and bandwidth usage of hosting account at a glance

Reset Password

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Forgotten password? Regain access to your hosting account, with new login details

Quick cPanel Access

Automatically login to cPanel with just single mouse click.

Quick web-mail access

Provides a simple link access your web-mail accounts.

Create new Direct Link

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This option allows to Add to side-menu additional links to Billing system, RevDNS request and much more - this is up to you what you are going to put here.

Sub-domains management

Users can add new sub domains, remove them or change home directory trough this management widget.

DNS management

This widget provides some basic DNS management functionality, users are able to add, remove and update A, CNAME and TXT records from client area.

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