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HostBill Auto Fraud Protection

Create a first line of defense against fraudulent orders.


You know your business best, you know which order are high risk, which countries are related with highest chargebacks. Save money by:

Lowering fraud risk - use your past HostBill orders as reference point to distinguish potential fraud orders automatically.
Using free geolocation databases to protect from order country IP mismatch.
Reduce your Maxmind and other fraud protection fees.

Supported Features

Option to reject orders from IPs related with fraud.
You can use local geolocation database to reject country mismatch.
Automatically marking as fraud orders from defined countries.
Optional verification for returning customers.
Orders submitted by staff members are not verified.

Maxmind Fraud Protection

When in web business your company will need to deal with certain amount of fraud - its good to know that your billing platform protects you from it automatically with built in features and third party fraud protection solutions such as:

Maxmind MinFraud Learn more

MaxMind Fraud module provides various informations about the risk of order being fraudulent. It can auto block fraudulent orders/clients.

Maxmind PhoneType Learn more

MaxMind's Telephone Number Identification (TNI) service is a tool used to identify the type of the telephone number your customers are providing.

Billing & Automation
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