Billing & Automation

Multiple configuration options for products

With HostBill flexible products you can easily sell virtually anything that your marketing team will come up with. Give your customer more control over package during signup stage and reduce pre-sales questions and orders maintenance to minimum.


Using Forms in product configuration you can create intuitive way for your customers to adjust package specification during singup, with multiple features, including:

✓ Various field types: input boxes, date fields, slider and quantity boxes, multi-choice selections;
✓ Create fields with additional billing options; Default field value can be included in package, any value above can create additional fees.
✓ Connect form fields behavior with logic/conditionals: hide/show fields, change related fields values based on fields state.
✓ Allow customers to upgrade/downgrade their form configurations after purchase with optional automated billing.

Product Add-ons

Addons can have separate billing cycle, an own email notifications and automation settings. They can be assigned to your product in order to make it more attractive. Addons may be free and paid. Customers can also order addons to already provisioned service at any given point in billing cycle.
Billing & Automation
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