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You have product or service to sell. HostBill is the solution for job.

HostBill addresses two most important factors to success in e-Commerce – with beautiful, well-thought order pages you can attract more sales, while your products are flexible enough to meet your marketing team requirements.

Order Pages

With over 50 order-pages to choose from we're sure that you will find perfect ones to suit your product offering. Each product category in HostBill can be presented to customer with different style. Built with use of latest web technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3) with innovative yet intuitive ways to present products, HostBill order-pages are designed specifically to increase your conversions.

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Flexible Products

Each product in HostBill can consist of unlimited number of components, including:

✓ Forms – unrivaled product flexibility, allowing you to gather additional informations from customer about purchased package using sliders, select boxes, input fields & more.
✓ Sub-products - where you can offer special packages and bundles consisting other products
✓ Add-ons - separately billed product additions (extra RAM, IP addresses, etc.)
✓ Domains – your customers will be able to purchase domain with product on special conditions, or link current domain to his account

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Multi-Item Shopping Carts

Depending on your business model you may want your customers to select one product and its components and checkout (most common scenario in web hosting). In some cases you may want to offer several related items together, its good to know that HostBill can handle both requirements.

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Support for multiple languages

Your customers can browse your client portal in their native language, without sloppy google-translate. Your staff members will appreciate translated admin section with 7 different languages available and easy to work with GUI for language management.

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Billing & Automation
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