Billing & Automation

Add contacts

With contacts feature your customers can enable full or limited access to certain parts of client area. Use case: allow accounting person browse customer invoices with you, while technician contact can manage services without disclosure of main login details. Additionally contacts can be used for domain registration purposes (separate Tech / Admin / Billing / Registrant contacts)

Contact Management

Clients can manage contact under their profile, those contact behave like a sub-accounts that can have access to some parts in client area or can manage clients services based on granted privileges. Those sub-accounts can also work as a support contacts and predefined domain contacts.

Adding New Contacts

To add a new contact simply find "Manage contacts" page under your profile and then click on "add new contact" or similar button. You will be presented with a form almost the same as that for new clients sing-ups, enter your contact details, define its access rights and save it.

Contact Privileges

Clients contacts require special privileges to access different client area pages and client services. For example if your customers are in cooperation with a partner that maintains their web page and needs access, they will be able to provide it in different proportions to selected services and domains.

Access to Support

If clients grant access to view their tickets, their contact will be able to use support tickets from client area, and depending on their access right create and respond to existing support tickets. Email notifications in this case will both be sent to main account email address and privileged contacts.

Billing & Automation
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