Billing & Automation

In business you need to categorize

Your customers comes from different countries, businesses, niches. And in business not all are equal – you need to divide your customer base into groups, for easier distinction of who applies for bigger discount, faster support responses, better billing terms. Thats where client groups feature comes in handy.

Unlimited client groups

Create as many groups as you like, set color to distinguish each group in listing, add description for your staff to easily recognise each group. Client groups can have support tickets priority pre-set, and basic billing terms overriding default settings, like pro-rata billing or order scenario.

Custom automation settings

Each client group can have its unique automation settings that overrides package configuration. Use case: you have mission-critical customers that services should not be suspended under any circumstances - group all of them under Missing Critical client group, set custom automation settings and you're good to go.

Custom product pricing per group

Your business starts reseller program? Than you will need a group of customers that will have special prices available - its easy to set them with client groups feature. Just select category and set discount per each product in your main currency, percentage discount or discount per entire category. Its easier than setting your pricing all over again.

Billing & Automation
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