Billing & Automation

Invoices generated and delivered on time

Recurring Invoice Generation is key HostBill component, to ensure that all your subscribed customers will receive renewal invoices on time.

Automated invoice generation

As a central point of your recurring revenue, subcription-based services requires invoices being delivered and paid on time. HostBill with its multiple billing models automatically issues invoices, set their due dates based on related services automation settings, adds late fees on due invoices, sends out notifications, pdf invoices and reminders about them - everything to make sure you will get your money on time.

Custom recurring invoices

While in most cases HostBill will bill accounts created from packages, sometimes you wish to generate few recurring invoices for services provided for customer that does not require separate package. Support, installations, trainings, consulting services, remote hands - just to name the few examples. With HostBill you can create recurring invoices that will be automatically generated and send customers based on your criteria.

Queued invoice items

If you're sending just one invoice to client every month for all services and products, you might want to add certain item to automatically generated invoice once it will be issued. Use case: Customer ordered manual hardware server reboot, you can add such item on Customer Invoice Queue, to ensure it will be added to next client's invoice. Watch Video

Billing & Automation
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