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Invoicing for EU

If you're running EU-registered business there are some strict tax rules to follow, but with HostBill its easy to fulfill them.

Tax Exception plugin

1. Set your tax rules

Go to Settings -> Tax Settings and configure general tax config to match the image.

Next you need to add tax rate for each EU-Member country to do so in Settings -> Tax settings use option "Add new tax" (note: set up your country vat rate for each country). Faster way to add all rules is to use sql - invoke this queryon your HostBill db (make sure to update tax rates in query to match your requirements first)

2. Add field to collect VAT Id

Go to Clients -> Registration Fields and from "Premade field profiles" select "European Business" profile. This will automatically add VAT-EU field. You can also manually add VAT-EU to your registration fields, just make sure that this field applies to Company and set variable name in Advanced tab to vateu.

3. Set up VIES VAT number validation plug-in

Go to Extras -> Plugins -> Inactive and activate "VIES VAT number validation".
Set field variable name used in Clients -> Registration Fields (vateu in most cases).
Enter your country iso code (use GB instead of UK if you're located in Great Britain).

How it works?

  • Your country company/private entities will be charged VAT
  • any EU citizen which has no VAT number, will be charged VAT
  • EU company with valid VAT number, would not be charged any tax
  • Clients outside EU would not be charged any tax
Billing & Automation
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