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Flat UI Theme, A HostBill ClientArea

The FlatUI theme is designed in flat UI style. The main features of flat design are simplicity, clarity and honesty of materials in user interfaces. This design is very clear, professional and up-to-date with current design trends. Your buisness will look reliable and have a modern feel.

Module features

Standard clientarea features
Client contacts management

Account details management
Credit card management
Manage login credentials
Add funds support

When feature enabled, customer can add credit to their account, allowing for future invoices to be auto-paid from their credit.

Invoice details/listing

Customer have access to historical invoice details, as well as newly generated recurring invoices for his services. Your clients can pay for invoices online trough client portal

Manage allowed IP access (security settings)
Email history log
Related account/order/domains activity log
Clientarea items search

Customer can search trough clientarea items, including Knowledgebase, registered domains, accounts, support tickets with integrated search box

Bulk invoice payments
Purchased services management

Service functionality depends on provisioning module used. Standard service functionality includes upgrades/downgrades, billing details, access to control panel

Purchased domain management

Domain management functionality depends on domain registrar module used. Standard domain management includes domain renewal, EPP code disclose/generation, auto-renewal enable/disable, nameserver management. For more details visit

Technical specification
Access to provisioning functions (change package, change password, create, suspend, unsuspend, terminate)
Fully customizable

Clientarea themes are shipped with HTML/CSS source - no files are encrypted. You can easily modify elements, contents, look & feel to match your company website.

Backwards compatible

HostBill clientarea themes are interchangeable - if you are bored with current design you can order & download new theme and impress your customers with fresh clientarea portal with functionalities they are familiar with already.


Client portals are built on top of Bootstrap CSS framework standard - your team's HTML developer will be familiar with its structure from day one.

Multi-language support

Themes are translation ready, and will work with any language you configured your HostBill with

Full HostBill features support.

All new and old HostBill clientarea features, including additional provisioning modules and plugins clientarea functionality, when enabled/installed are supported with no additional maintenance required

Easy installation

Just upload & unzip

Order-pages compatible

All HostBill orderpages listed at: are compatible with this clientarea theme

Built with pixel-perfect quality and modern development techniques

HTML 5 + CSS 3 + Javascript + Jquery + Bootstrap

Template logic based on popular Smarty template syntax


Standard Version


$99 / One time fee

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Installing HostBill

HostBill installation is fully automated and takes just seconds, more info at

Configuration Guide

  1. After purchasing order page proceed to
  2. Log-in with your email & password, proceed to Services->Clientarea themes, select your theme and from left menu click on "Download this product"
  3. Upload archive to main directory of your HostBill installation
  4. Unzip all contents of downloaded theme, overwrite other files if asked
  5. Proceed to HostBill adminarea, Settings->General settings
  6. From client area themes, select newly uploaded theme. Save configuration