WorldPay + HostBill

WorldPay offers affordable online payment gateways that enablse your business to accept all major payment methods and credit and debit cards. Now it offers feature-rich integration with HostBill

WorldPay is integrated in HostBill as three modules, depending on whether you have FuturePay feature enabled in your account

  • WorldPay - for regular transactions using HTML Redirection method
  • WorldPay Direct - for regular transactions using Direct XML method
  • WorldPay Futurepay - for transactions with futurepay enabled

HostBill implements Futurepay agreements in easy to use and convenient form

  • Only one futurepay agreement is created per client
  • Futurepay ID is stored in client profile, for staff convenience
  • All future client invoices, payments, upgrades automatically debits client's agreement
  • You don't need to worry about PCI compliance - client card data is securely stored with WorldPay
  • Agreement cancellation is automatically handled by HostBill

Installing HostBill

HostBill installation is fully automated and takes just seconds, more info at

Connecting HostBill with FuturePay

  1. In HostBill go to Settings > Modules, find Worldpay payment module
  2. If you have futurepay enabled, choose WorldPay Futurepay module, pick Worldpay otherwise
  3. You will be taken to Settings > Modules > Payment Modules where you can configure module
  4. Each configuration option is well described in module configuration screen
  5. Futurepay module offers double security, transaction can be signed by MD5 hashes and/or callback passwords
  6. Save Changes

Enabling FuturePay client functions

You can allow your clients to manage their FuturePay agreements directly from your clientarea - allowing them to create new agreements, or cancel current ones
  1. Edit your clientarea template files in /templates folder, place link to worldpay management section in area of your choice, most likely header.tpl
  2. Add link to ?cmd=worldpay_futurepay section, like: {if $logged=='1'}<a href='?cmd=worldpay_futurepay'>Manage your agreement</a>{/if}
  3. From now on, your logged in customers will be able to access section visible on screenshot on right
  4. If you wish to edit text available on screen, edit /includes/modules/Payment/worldpay_futurepay/template/manage.tpl file

Enabling FuturePay admin functions

You can enable buttons to automatically debit worldpay agreements with one mouse click from adminarea - Invoices & Order details section.
  1. In adminarea go to Settings->Modules->Plugins and activate Worldpay Futurepay Admin Capture module
  2. From now on if invoice is unpaid and client have futurepay agreement enabled + selected this payment method a button will appear as shown on screenshot on right