HostBill comes with built-in support ticketing system. Please check all features below and sign for Trial.

Ticket Details

Email import

Support tickets in HostBill can be submitted by client directly from your client portal, or by sending you an email. HostBill can automatically fetch emails from your multiple mailboxes using forwarding or by downloading all messages using POP/IMAP

Ticket Macro
Bulk Actions

Automated solution

  • Ticket Macros

    Dealing with commonly asked questions? Rapid-answer them with ticket macros – with one click you can add reply, change status & priority, apply tags, change ticket owner

  • Bulk Updates

    If more than one tickets require similar update you can select them in HostBill and bulk update screen will show up – apply macro, set reply & basic ticket details – all within seconds!

  • SLA / Escalations

    Define level agreements per ticket department & choose how what action HostBill take when ticket is overdue or needs to be escalated

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Your Staff members can collaborate on tickets without risk of collision – each action taken on ticket is live-updated. To speed-up response time you can dispatch ticket to certain staff member.

Additionally your team can cooperate on resolving support issues fast and track issue resolve progress with simple, free collaboration tool – Ticket Notes. Private notes are only visible to Administrators and Staff Members assigned to this department.

Post Filter

Organized workflow

In HostBill you can define number of intelligent ticket filters:

  • Pre-import ticket filters can automatically block spammers, loop messages or autoresponders
  • Post-import filters can take automated action based on your criteria – automatically escalate tickets of important customers, apply macros on common questions & more.

Mobile Notifications: Stay connected

Never loose important message from your clients, stay connected with your HostBill support system thanks to built-in mobile notification system. Get push notifications on your iPhone about new ticket, get sms alert when ticket is escalated, let your Android device notify you about important reply - all possible with HostBill.

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Ticket Sharing

HostBill is compliant with NetworkedHelpdesk guidelines – an initiative that allows you to connect multiple communication streams together to provide great customer experience. You can now connect multiple HostBill installations to work with other brands or branches in your company on support issues. You can also outsource your support easily to other companies – share your tickets!

Ticket sharing, basic facts:

  • You can connect one or more HostBills to work on your tickets
  • Create training environment easily, without giving access to main brand data to new employees
  • Connect other help desks in your company
  • Secure – shared ticket notifications are sent by HostBill master – source for ticket share
  • Easy to share – just click More actions->Share with #your_tag_name
  • Easy to aggregate – shared tickets are marked by ticket tag. Remove tag = remove share