SagePay + HostBill

SagePay is the UK's Most Recommended Payment Gateway Provider - Helping over 40,000 customers process payments in the UK and Ireland. Now its integrated with HostBill to help you accept payments from your customers easies and safest way possible.

SagePay is integrated with HostBill using 3 modules. You can pick one that suits your needs and SagePay account type

  • SagePay - for Direct implemenation
  • SagePay 3D Secure - for Direct implementation with 3D Secure process enabled
  • SagePay Token - for SagePay token implementation

Installing HostBill

HostBill installation is fully automated and takes just seconds, more info at

Connecting HostBill with SagePay

  1. In HostBill go to Settings > Modules, find and activate SagePay payment module
  2. You will be taken to Settings > Modules > Payment Modules where you can configure module
  3. Enter your Vendor Name obtained from SagePay
  4. Save Changes