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Namecom is the HostBill simple module registering domains on the platform


Namecom offers a wide array of Products and Services that you can choose to sell, with this module you can automate procedures related to Domain registrations and management.

Supported Features

  • Register domains

Installing HostBill

HostBill installation is fully automated and takes just seconds, more info at


Connecting HostBill with

  1. In HostBill go to Settings > Modules, find and activate Namecom module
  2. You will be taken to Settings > Apps to set connection with Namecom
  3. Enter your Account (username) and API key, use Test Connection to check if HostBill can connect.
  4. Save Changes

Creating your first domain package

  1. In HostBill go to Settings > Products & Services, and Add new order page
  2. From Order Types select Domains
  3. After creating order page add new product, one in it, provide a name
  4. In product configuration section proceed to Registrar Settings, select Namecom module as Third party app.
  5. Save changes, your package is ready
  6. Some TLDs will need aditional information provided by clients, in that case HostBill will notify you by highlighing Forms section.