+ HostBill

BitPay is world leader in Bitcoin business solutions. Now you can accept BitCoin payments with ease thanks to HostBill & integration

Installing HostBill

HostBill installation is fully automated and takes just seconds, more info at

Configuring module

  1. Create an API Key in your bitpay account at
  2. In HostBill go to Settings > Modules, find and activate BitPay module
  3. You will be taken to Settings > Modules > Payment to configure your module
  4. Provide your API key from step 1
  5. Choose a transaction speed (refer to bitpay's help section for more information about these choices)
  6. Save changes

How works with HostBill

  • Once client choose to pay invoice with BitPay he will be taken to invoice page with payment instructions
  • After payment process is complete, client will be redirected to his invoice page
  • A background callback will be issued from BitPay to HostBill once payment is received
  • Module will hande this callback and add transaction to client's invoice