Support Ticket System for HostBill is actively maintained to make sure all new cool features are available for you and your customers.
  • 1412255001 [Support] Merging tickets doesn't work
  • 1411395748 [Support] Notification for tickets created by admin are not sent
  • 1408055410 [Support] Ticket notification sent for tickets created by staff is always in English
  • 1408054945 [Support] New Tickets created by staff appear to be created by the customer
  • 1409828252 [Support] Tickets are refreshed constantly even when waiting for server response
  • 1409828316 [Cloudytheme] Dashboard shows draft replies to tickets
  • 1409160686 [Automation] Importing tickets when using more than one import emails from POP fails with connection issue
  • 1408362949 [Tickets] Newest message in merged ticket is displayed as first
  • 1408362953 [Tickets] Editing ticket view will hide it from left menu
  • [Support] Merged tickets messages are not in chronological order.
  • [Support] Attachments from merged tickets are moved to first message.
  • [Tickets] Added option to use 'and','or','not' in ticket tag filter.
  • [Tickets] Ticket view pagination shows wrong values if tickets are filtered
  • [Tickets] Ticket created by admin for registered client will send email notifications with Staff member name
  • [Tickets] Ticket attachments that were imported by PIPE cant be downloaded on some servers
  • [Tickets] Possible background SQL exception when filtering tickets
  • [Tickets] Draft replies are visible from clientarea
  • [Tickets] Creating new ticket from admin area does not add staff member signature
  • [Tickets] Added option to filter tickets by assigned staff members
  • [Tickets] Email field does not show when creating new tickets for unregistered clients.
  • [Tickets] Ticket filters use hardcoded values instead of statuses from configuration.
  • [Tickets] Wrong statuses are listedwhen adding new ticket view.
  • [Tickets] Draft reply is not loaded after refreash.
  • [Tickets] Saving ticket details resets reply field
  • [Core-Tickets-2] Its not possible to disable new ticket message in department settings
  • [Tickets] Its now possible to auto-ask customer if its ok to close ticket in Department SLA settings
  • [Adminarea] Can't access tickets with empty subject in custom ticket view
  • [Tickets] Added option to attach files to ticket notes Watch video
  • Tickets: You can set ticket status, notes and assignment when adding new ticket from admin area Watch video
  • Added: Tickets: Replying to a tickets takes you back to last page instead of all tickets
  • [Adminarea] Back to all tickets link reloads whole support page
  • [Adminarea] Tickets list after ajax refresh loses status filter reference
  • [Adminarea] Tickets: Filtering tickets by body throws sql exception
  • [Adminarea] Tickets: Email under replier name is always the same as in first message
  • [Adminarea] Tickets with higher priority are sorted as last
  • [Adminarea] Tickets: Can't remove cc address
  • [Adminarea] Links in tickets do not open a new window anymore
  • [Adminarea] Tickets: Slow query performance when filtering tickets on large databases
  • [Adminarea] Tickets: Links in tickets always open in same window
  • [General] Tickets are not imported, import log shows empty "to" field
  • [general] [tickets] Ticket system does not respect case insensitivity of emails
  • [adminarea] Support: selection of tickets is discarded after few seconds
  • [general] Some tickets show undecoded non-ascii chars in subject [adminarea] Notes / comments provided by client during order are not visible in admin area
  • [adminarea] Links in tickets are broken
  • [General] Support tickets page does not refresh automatically & UNDEFINED status
  • [adminarea] Support: Clients can reopen tickets by mail even if department does not allow it
  • Added: Ticket Departments: Option to only allow staff members to create support ticket in a department.
  • Added: Ticket Departments: Option to disable ticket notifications from unassigned tickets.
  • [adminarea] Tickets: Message counters do not change when using filters
  • [adminarea] Tickets: Occasional blank tickets import
  • [general] Tickets: Reply notifications are sent twice to assigned staff members
  • 0001454: [general] Tickets: content between <&> is removed
  • 0001436: [adminarea] Tickets: Auto assignment does no work for some staff members
  • 0001434: [clientarea] Tickets: Clients can rate their own replies if imported by email
  • 0001430: [general] Tickets: Client replying to ticket by email or while not logged in does not update that ticket status
  • 0001430: [general] Tickets: Client replying to ticket by email or while not logged in does not update that ticket status
  • Added: Tickets: New separate bounce message for tickets that has been closed by staff members
  • 0001309: [adminarea] Tickets: merging tickets loose ticket notes info
  • Added: Tickets: Merging tickets now requires confirmation
  • Added: Tickets status: Custom statuses are now visible under 'All tickets' and department categories
  • 0001247: [adminarea] Tickets: Ticket listing is very slow when there is a lot of tickets
  • 0001163: [adminarea] Search: Its not possible to search for closed tickets
  • 0000946: [general] Support tickets: not all tickets submitted by client are displayed in adminarea under Tickets
  • 0001012: [general] Tickets: HTML email template of new ticket by admin do not break lines in ticket body
  • Added: Client Groups: Tickets created by clients assigned to group can have pre-set priority
  • Added: New Report: Number of tickets closed per staff member in given period
  • Added: New Report: Detailed list of all tickets in given period
  • 0000765: [adminarea] Tickets: Ticket auto-response is addressed as to admin rather than client
  • Added: Tickets: Ticket views - select which tickets should be listed and how you want them to be presented to you
  • Added: Tickets: Option to filter tickets using multiple tags with toggle on/off option
  • Added: Tickets Macros: Option to define tags that will be removed from tickets when criterias are met
  • 0000603: [adminarea] Ticket Sharing: Attachments are invisible with open tickets.
  • 0000616: [adminarea] Support: edditing reply in shared tickets results in nested function error
  • 0000579: [clientarea] Clientarea: Client can't proceed to the all pages to view All tickets - it always redirects to 1 page.
  • Added: Support: Staff members now can be auto-assigned to tickets with simple round-robin
  • 0000407: [adminarea] Adding knowledge base articles from sent tickets does not work
  • Added: Mass tickets creation, you can create tickets for selected users.
  • 0000271: [security] Tickets: Minor security threat in ticketing system browsed from clientarea
  • 0000236: [adminarea] Tickets: Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame during ticket import
  • 0000242: [adminarea] Tickets: Unescaped ticket subject in ticket edition form
  • 0000282: [adminarea] Email signature appears in support tickets at random. (Forum)
  • 0000294: [adminarea] TicketSharing: Ticket statuses are not synced after reply from shared dept
  • 0000302: [general] Tickets replay problem: Client possessing 3 email addresses - different replay directions depend on email used.
  • 0000142: [adminarea] No tickets are shown in client support tab on servers withoud PDO support
  • 0000102: [general] Sender name from imported tickets is wraped in quotes
  • Added: Ticket Macros: You can perform multiple ticket actions at once - add reply, change status, assign tag & more - with one click.
  • Added: Ticket Bulk Actions: Select multiple tickets and update them at once - apply macro, change ticket details, apply tags, assign staff member.
  • Added: Ticket Assign: Staff member can now be assigned to ticket & be directly responsible for it.
  • Added: Ticket SLA/Escalations: Ticket department now can offer automated SLA/Escalations & Ticket overdues.
  • Added: Ticket Filters: Advanced ticket filtering & automation capabilities - you can define pre and post-import filters & choose how HostBill should react on them.
  • Added: Ticket Priority Select in clientarea: If enabled in department settings, client can now define ticket priority during its submission.
  • 0000075: [adminarea] Tickets: Automated draft save updates draft with wrong id, overwriting previous replies
  • 0000038: [module] Created admins can't view assigned tickets from External ticket
  • Fixed: Module: Polite greatings are not listed for shared tickets [05-04-2012]
  • Fixed: Ticket sharing: Deleting notes could block other endpoind from updating ticket [05-08-2012]
  • Fixed: Ticket: Client response via email to a closed ticket would be rejected eaven if department options allow reopening tickets [05-08-2012]
  • Fixed: Shared tickets are missing attachments from first message [05-17-2012]
  • Fixed: External tickets plugin blocking tickets tab in client profile view [06-06-2012]
  • Added: Tickets Sharing: You can now connect multiple HostBill installations to work with other brands or branches in your company on support issues. Learn more
  • Added: Tickets: Its now possible to filter tickets in adminarea by unread status
  • Changed: Tickets: Ticket refreshing is halted while any filter is active [04-28-2012]
  • Fixed: Tickets: Opening new ticket or adding a reply as a client contact shows client name instead of contact name [04-25-2012]
  • Fixed: Module: External tickets not displaying any interface in ticket view [04-30-2012]
  • Fixed: Tickets notification emails have unnecessary escaped html entities [03-27-2011]
  • Changed: Clicking on tags in ticket will open new tab/widow with tickets with that tag [02-20-2011]
  • Fixed: Tickets: Imported tickets comming from account additional contacts do not show that account information [02-22-2011]
  • Added: Configuration: Added third option to force captcha validation for all user when creating tickets [02-07-2011]
  • Added: Tickets tags feature
  • Fixed: Tickets: Blocking rules not applied to ticket created from clientarea [02-01-2011]
  • Fixed: Tickets: Anyone can open new tickets in departments with 'registered only' option [02-01-2011]
  • Fixed: API: API:getTickets and API:getClientTickets does not return anything [01-10-2012]
  • Added: Admin Area: Ticket Department: New Permission: Allow customer to reopen CLOSED TICKETS [12-16-2011]
  • Added: Admin Area: Ticket Department: New Permission: Do not allow customers to CLOSE TICKETS opened by Staff Members [12-16-2011]
  • Added: Admin Area: Ticket Department: New Permission: Allow Staff Members to reply to tickets from Email Client. [12-16-2011]
  • Fixed: Tickets: Block tickets containing highlighted text not working on non IE browsers [12-13-2011]
  • Security: Potential security risk when using support tickets and Smarty library not in secure mode [12-05-2011]
  • Adminarea: Tickets: 'Quote selected' is not working in tickets, redirecting back to ticket list
  • Tickets: Tickets with notes are now indicated on ticket listing
  • Adminarea: Client tickets listings are duplicated
  • Adminarea: long ticket subject mess tickets listing
  • Tickets: One ticket is multiplied in client tickets listing
  • Tickets: Bug: Auto-closing in-progress and client reply ticket
  • SEO: Captcha for tickets is not being displayed